20 Minutes Once Per Week is Enough

**Groundbreaking fit20 study: what you need to know!**

On 27 January 2021, the pre-print of what is now known as the fit20 study* was published. Without a doubt, this is a groundbreaking study, the largest ever done in movement science. And the conclusions of the research are unequivocally positive about the effects of fit20 training on strength, health, and wellbeing.

The study was carried out by Associate Professor Dr James Steele, one of the best-known scientists in the field of 'Sports and Exercise science'. Using data from the fit20 trainer’s app, Dr Steele analysed the anonymised data from almost 15,000 fit20 members who had trained with us for between one and seven years.

Bram Kroeske, one of the founders of fit20, interviewed Dr Steele about the study and in this series of articles, with accompanying short videos, you will hear what the numbers revealed!

In this first video, you'll hear why 20 minutes of exercise once per week is enough, despite what we've been told for years!

Click to watch the video - 20 minutes once per week is enough.

For years, we have been told to follow a strict fitness regime laid out to us by fitness professionals; exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and do a range of exercises with a combination of both strength and cardio training.

As you will see in the coming videos, fit20 is now proven, without doubt, to have an incredible effect on improving strength and providing massive benefits as a result.

* the original title of the study is: Long term time course of strength adaptation to minimal dose resistance training: Retrospective longitudinal growth modelling of a large cohort through training records.